PRESIDENTIAL KUSTOMS FAQ

Where are we  located?  We're located @ 8108-D HWY 85 Riverdale, GA 30274  NEXT DOOR TO RIVERDALE RADIATOR. 

Do we offer a Warranty on Labor? Yes, Presidential Kustoms offers a 90 day warranty on all audio installs.

Does Presidential Elite Customs offer a Warranty on Products they sell? and what voids the warranty?  Presidential Elite Customs Offers a 1 year warranty on most products we sell such as Audio Equipment and Rims. If we don't install our product into your vehicle or you tamper with the product it voids your warranty.  

What is the return policy for Presidential Elite Customs?  Most of our products have a one year warranty so at anytime the product is no working please don't try to take it out, bring your vehicle in and we can take out the defective product and have it switched out within 1-3 business days. The product is free but You are liable for the labor cost.

If I change my mind about the product I purchased can I get my money back?  Presidential Elite Customs has a No Refund Policy meaning we will gladly exchange the product for something else but no cash will be given back.

How Much does it cost to get my radio installed?  Our Radio Installs start @ $35.00

What is the cost of a wiring harness and dash kit for my car? Our dash kits start @ $15 and up and wiring harness start @ $10 and up 

How much does it cost to install one amp and run my amp wiring kit? The price on installing a amp and running the amp kit starts @ $50.00 depending on the vehicle.

How much is a 0 Gauge Amp kit, 4 gauge Amp kit, and 8 Gauge Amp Kit? The 0 gauge Amp kit starts @ $75.00, 4 gauge Amp Kit starts @ $35.00, and 8 gauge Amp Kit start @ $25.00 

How much is a RCA converter for my car? RCA converters start @ $10.00

How Much does it cost to do a full system install? and what does it include? The price to do a full system install starts @ $145.00, and includes: radio install, amp kit, running power wire, ground wire, remote wire, rca jacks, and speakers wires to amp.

How much does it cost to install one flip down tv monitor i The price on installing one flip down monitor starts @ $80.00 and includes RCA Jacks.

How much does it cost to install two headrest monitors?    The price to install two headrest monitors starts @ $125.00

How much does its cost to install H.I.D. Lights in my vehicle? The price to install H.I.D. Light Kits starts @ $80.00 depending on type of vehicle.


The price to install this kind of alarm varies depending on your vehicle. The price starts @ $390.00 This Includes: 2 Way Pager Alarm with remote starter, keyless entry, and more.., also includes the install.

We offer more for your money when you buy one of our rim & tire Packages. Rims & Tire Packages include: Rims, Tires, Lugs, Locks, Highspeed Mount and Balance, Hub rings, and a 1 year Warranty

What kind of warranty do I get if I purchase a rims & tires   If you purchase a rims & tires package you will recieve a 1 year Manufactures warranty on the rims. The warranty covers if the rims starts to fade, chrome starts to peel or anything of that nature.


  • Presidential Elite Customs isn't liable for any damages cause to your vehicle if left in parking lot or bay overnight, such as theft, vandalism, etc..
  • If Vehicle is left at Presidential Elite Customs 3 days after work is completed you will be charged $40.00 Each DAY
  • Presidential Elite Customs isn't liable for any damages caused to vehicle due to installation of wheel adapters, spacers, lifting vehicle, or lowering vehicle.